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Thomism, Karl Popper, and the Existence of Oxygen, Continued

My good friend Ed Wassell, who is a scientist at NASA, and who knows how to keep me in line, asked some very good questions at the end of my last post, which effectively prompted me to finish at least some of the thought that was intended for this post. So, instead of writing a […]

Thomism, Karl Popper, and the Existence of Oxygen

In the end of my last post, I implied two things that need elaboration. The first is that varying degrees of certitude and intelligibility can be found not only in our acts of knowledge, but also in the things themselves that we know. The second is that “less certain” is not the same as “uncertain.” […]

The Timaeus Principle, Continued

So what, then, is this “Timaeus Principle”? In a word, it is the same thing that De Koninck calls the principle of indeterminism. De Koninck wrote about this on many occasions, but for the most part his writing has been overlooked or ignored. Judging by its reception by many traditional natural philosophers, one might surmise […]