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The Historical Bifurcation Between Science and Philosophy

In my post of March 6, I noted that we must distinguish between what science has been and what it ought to be, or what it is naturally ordained to be. It is therefore a mistake to take any current or past state of science and construe that as universal without any argument. It is […]

Is Science a Separate Discipline From Philosophy?

In our world’s ever increasing specialization, the activity of the physical theorist and that of the experimentalist are often separated, and carried out by different individuals. A friend of mine, in spite of being an accomplished physicist who works for NASA, is by his own admission not very talented when it comes to working with […]

History, Physics, and Philosophy

Thank you, Panchi, for prodding me to get writing! I needed that. But life is so busy these days that I am going to have to write in small portions, which maybe is just as well. So, first, I would like to make a fundamental, guiding observation about physics and history. Many philosophers of science […]